Filling the gaps

Within Star Trek, the famous science fiction franchise created by Gene Roddenberry, there are huge blank spaces concerning historical events. Many of them, like World War III, are sometimes referred to but never extensively explained.  This is the attempt to carefully fill up most of the blank spaces in earth's history from 2009 to 2161.


 The perhaps most interesting concept in Star Trek is the utopian society that the United Federation of Planets and its capital planet, Earth represent. "Project earth history" wants to determine how earth could evolve into paradise and rise from the ashes of a nuclear world war.


The articles on this website are written from a political science point of view. Each article focuses on certain key events and periods, such as the time between today and World War III or the period after first contact.


This page is still work in progress and many articles are subject to change and improvement. New articles and aspects will be brought online eventually.


In the meantime, enjoy your stay and give me feedback!





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