The development of augment agents


Eugenics means to try to improve the quality of the genome of a species’ population by controlling reproduction and genetic engineering. Eugenic programs have been introduced in the history of many Federation member worlds. As they had devastating effects on the affected worlds, it has been outlawed by the Federation.


Earth saw its most brutal time because of its own Eugenics: the third world war.


In 1985 the former nation-state United States of America introduced a secret genetic engineering program in order to gain better soldiers for their elite commandos. The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group controlled the “Human Enhancement Development Program” (HEDP) and tried to breed, raise and train perfect soldiers for the Joint Special Operations Command. Mistakes in genetic engineering led to catastrophic results and all 26 children enhanced by the project died within a few years. Additionally, plans for training and genetic engineering were stolen by Chinese operatives in 1993. Because of those events, HEDP was closed down in 2009.


The Chinese military was more eager to have success in gaining super-soldiers. They set-up laboratories in Northern China and experimented for another 12 years, erasing most flaws till 2021. By then, failed experiments had killed over 90 genetically altered children.


Genetic modifications included increased strength and agility, a much higher efficiency of the heart and the lungs, better eyesight and hearing and a higher intelligence. As it would turn out only a few years later, the modifications also resulted in higher aggression and an ambitious nature. Some of those augments were also fitted with accelerated aging-processes in order to be able to use the augments earlier. However, plans of the Chinese did not favour super-soldiers, but super-agents. The Chinese Ministry of State Security (MMS) trained over 120 augments to infiltrate other states. There, they were supposed to quickly reach high ranking positions in armies, intelligence agencies and governments. One of them was Khan Noonien Singh, who was infiltrated into Pakistan’s military and eventually became head of the ISI, the biggest Pakistani Intelligence Agency in 2040.

the augment infiltrations

There were numerous infiltrations of both single augments and groups of augment agents into several countries worldwide. Until 2051, Chinese intelligence deployed approximately 100 augment agents in Algeria, Egypt, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan and Uzbekistan. Augment agents also tried to infiltrate Israel, Great Britain, Germany and The United States but were uncovered and neutralized before any damage could be done. The agents were supposed to gather valuable intelligence data and in case of a military conflict to effectively disrupt the enemy’s war efforts.


The biography of Khan Noonien Singh is a good example of how the program was supposed to work and how it really unfolded:


Khan was born around 2018, being one of the first augments to fully “function”. He was one of 21 augments to possess accelerated aging, being physically grown up at the actual age of 10. Khan led a group of 13 augments that were sent to infiltrate Pakistani military in 2031. They quickly ascended in ranks and commanded important parts of the army within only a decade due to a complex system of bribing and excellent performance. Furthermore the augments kept the Pakistani authorities informed on any foreign agents that were discovered by Chinese intelligence, thereby keeping other states out of the operation target Pakistan and providing even more credibility for the augments.


However, Chinese scientists were the first of many human researchers who would underestimate the ambitions and the strong will of the augments. Shortly after the infiltration missions had started, the eugenically enhanced agents began to develop networks among themselves, exchanging information and backing each other up in the case of a mission failure. Although much information about the early stages of those infiltrations has been lost during World War III, some of those back-up plans have been recovered by Federation historians. For example, there were extraction-plans for Mirza Iqbal, the chief of Chinese intelligence operations in India at the time and a close friend of Khan. If he would have been uncovered, Pakistani operatives would have extracted Iqbal and brought him into safety to Khan. This plan was never approved by Chinese intelligence. In Fact, it is most likely that the MSS did not even know about the direct communication amongst their eugenic agents, as they had developed reliable and fast methods to exchange information via couriers.


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