The Romulan-Klingon Border War of 2142

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When the Republic of Guangdong officially joined the United Earth Parliament in September 2150, 57 years after the constitution of the United Earth had been declared, Earth’s population rejoiced. The final (formal) step to worldwide unity had been made and humanity prospered. There had been made dozens of peaceful first contacts and the technological progress promised to be able to contact more and more civilizations.


In 2151, UE president Isabel Silang addressed the delegates of the UEP in a speech, outlining the possible future of mankind. She emphasized the importance of the NX-program and informed the parliament of the successful first mission of the S.S. Enterprise (This was, by the way, the first time that the name Enterprise was used in the history of the United Earth Parliament. Up to day, vessels with this name have been mentioned in speeches in the UEP a total of 7591 times).


From 2150 to 2153, private corporations and public private partnerships developed no less than 3 new star ship designs. The most famous one being the Yoyodyne delivered DY-1200 class, a new type of colonization vessel that featured a warp 3.5 engine, terraforming capabilities, exobiological laboratories and accommodation for 120 colonists. The DY 1200 class would later be used for setting up nearly 20 new human colonies until 2189.


In two public speeches in front of the UEP in 2151 (after the launch of the Enterprise) and in 2152, the Vulcan ambassador Soval urged humanity to remain within space known to the Vulcan High Command. Interstellar politics had become increasingly difficult to control for the Vulcans in the last 10 years. Although unknown at the time, this was mainly due to the Romulans.


The Romulan Star Empire had carefully expanded into the Beta quadrant for nearly half a century until 2140. This was, when their attention was caught by the Klingons. The High Council had sent a border raid squadron into Romulan territory that had destroyed two Romulan outposts. A brief border war with the Klingons in 2142 could stop the incursions but for a high price. 12 Romulan birds of prey where lost in the conflict, mainly due to the weak protection systems of the Romulans.


This led to the development of multispectral cloaking fields in 2148. Those fields, generated by a multispectral emitter, where used to make the cloaked object invisible to visual sensors. In Addition, new advances in sensor absorbing hull plating were made. In 2150, the first bird of prey with a cloaking system was commissioned. Up to 2151, the Romulans had mined their borders to the Klingons, deploying multispectral emitters in the centre of every minefield.

Romulan Agents among Andorians and Vulcans

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Another result of the border war from 2142 was a new thread assessment of the Alpha Quadrant by the Tal Shiar (being the Romulan Secret Agency). High ranking officers knew that the expansion in the galactic east could not be promoted while half of the imperial fleet was involved at the other side of the empire. Their goal was to weaken enemies to the extent that they’d become interesting to the Klingon Empire as a target for a potential conquering expedition. A couple of agents were sent to infiltrate the Vulcans, the Andorians and the Tellarites. This was the first time when the Romulans heard of Humanity. They were impressed by the fast development of Humans after a world war and monitored every step of this new interstellar player. From 2148 to 2152, the Tal Shiar tried to destabilize interstellar relations between the Vulcans and the Andorians. In 2152, a Romulan agent posing as a high ranking Andorian officer pushed for the annexation of Weytahn. On the Vulcan side, an unofficial Romulan liaison provided the Vulcan High Command with tactical plans of the Andorian invasion forces. The Tal Shiar was furious when their attempt was not only thwarted but led to a rapprochement of both powers mediated by the S.S. Enterprise. Later in 2152, Commander Valdore of the Romulan Imperial Fleet presented a complex and dangerous plan to the senate. He suggested modifying two Romulan warbirds to be able to mimic other vessels via the multispectral emitter and to stage attacks against other powers posing as a third party. As the multispectral emitter would need a tremendous amount of energy to be able to perform such a task, both vessels had to be stripped off all nonessential components and to be refitted with additional energy reactors. They would have to be remote-controlled as there was neither enough room for a crew nor a sufficient life support system on the vessels. Additionally, this would leave less evidence leading back to the Romulans if captured by enemies.


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