Site Updates


05th December 2013


some time has passed but I was finally able to upload two new articles in the 2049-2063 section that deal with the economical situation of Earth. The Romulan war article has been ripped apart by my faithful friends and I am reconsidering some issues due to a colleague of mine who works in the field of peace and conflict studies.



15th September 2013


I've updated the layout of the website - again! It should work better now for smaller screens. I also corrected some more typos and grammar errors and finally managed to include a "Did you know that..."


I also added the "contact & guestbook" page in order to provide you with more comfortable solution for getting in touch with me!


Hopefully I will be able to upload two new articles I'm preparing right now - one is about the development of new world economy from a local perspective - the city of Bozeman, to be precise. And another one will be finally taking on the Romulan War!


01st September 2013


I've rearranged the layout to be a bit less confusing. I was also able to upload a small version of the S.S. Amiot Master Situation Display. The 2094-2155 section has been upgraded with an article about the cold romulan war.

Did you know that...