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Genetic engineering is used in the top secret “Human Enhancement Development Program” (HEDP) of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, being part of the United States Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to gain better soldiers.



Spies of Peoples Republic of China steal material from the HEDP and start developing their own program. The HEDP is closed down.



A terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York kills some 3000 people, provoking tensions between secular, western countries and suspected supporters of the fundamentalist terrorists.



The third Gaza war breaks out with Israel troops invading Lebanon and Syria in order to stop short range missiles being fired upon Israel.



The United States, Iraq, Turkey and Israel declare war against Iran when Iran activates its first nuclear reactor. France, Denmark and Spain condemn the attacks, unauthorized by the UNO and bring in a resolution to set up a weapons embargo against the US, Israel and Iraq.


Russia pulls out of the Chechen Republic who turns into an Islamic Republic. They also leave the Greater Caucasus.


The Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems Corporation delivers advances in Ion-drives, making solar-system missions possible. It starts working on plans for the DY-Spacecraft, a vessel that is supposed to be assembled in orbit around Earth, being able to deliver large numbers of equipment and personnel to other planets of the solar system.



Germany condemns the resolution against Israel and Turkey pulls out of the war due to a change of government. The US expels French and Spanish diplomats from their country. The European Union protests and joins the resolution efforts against the US. It is vetoed by the US and Russia.



The Iran-war ends when US-Government changes.



The American government creates special Sanctuary Districts for unemployed and homeless people in most major cities. Religious fundamentalists in the US kill more than a dozen Hindu and Moslems in assaults.



a second bank-crash leads to a severe global financial crisis. The United States are declared insolvent due to heavy war efforts of the past years. The United Kingdom, Greece Sweden and Poland leave the European Union in order to introduce protective tariffs.


Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and Surinam form the Southern American Coalition in order to stabilize their economy.



Germany, France, Ireland and Spain leave the unified European currency pact and reintroduce their national currencies. The Euro becomes virtually worthless and social crisis in Europe intensifies. Turkey is welcomed into the EU. ETA kills more than 70 people in Madrid with a series of bomb attacks. IRA rearms itself.



Student unrests in Europe lead to many deaths in Germany, France, Hungary and the Benelux.


Belgium divides itself up into Wallonia and Flanders, following a referendum.


Civil uprisings in the PR China due to poverty and hunger, more than 700 people are killed by the army. They use special units, made up of eugenic commandos, to eliminate political opponents.


The Bell riots in the United States take place. The United States reinstall several social welfare programs and effectively end violent uprisings in the US. At the same time, they enter an isolationist episode and bring all development-help, weapons programs and anti-terror-wars to a halt in order to finance social welfare. Private corporations are allowed to participate in the NASA-programs.


Greece falls into civil war, suffering from heavy financial problems and civil unrest. The Peoples Republic of Greece is declared, not recognized by the EU, who backs the exile-government in Italy. Greece becomes isolated.



The NASA, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Russian Roskosmos form the half private, International Space Agency (ISA) in order to combine their resources. They are partially funded by Russian investors. They relaunch the Constellation Program with the goal to establish permanent human settlements within the solar system. The Yoyodyne Corporation enters cooperation with ISA.


Ireland is reunited as a result of terrorist attacks by IRA and ongoing protests, as the UK does not want to cover the costs of war against terror in Ulster.


A democratic revolution ends the communist regime in Cuba.



French Guiana declares itself independent and leaves the European Union in order to join the Southern American Coalition. French Foreign Legionnaires try to crush down a demonstration in French Guiana and kill more than a thousand civilians in the resulting uprising. As a result, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco threaten to expel French civilians. Renewed French civil uprisings in Paris and other major French cities lead to permanent removal of civil rights in France.



ISA spacecraft Ares I is launched, serving as a testing bed for the Ares-series and the DY-technologies. It will serve as a basis for the DY-construction facility in orbit in the following years. Commercial spaceflight becomes more and more interesting for wealthy civilians.



Zefram Cochrane is born in Indiana, USA.


ISA spacecraft Ares II reaches the moon and sets up a permanent base, called New Berlin.



The ISA spacecraft Ares IV, in orbit around Mars, with Lt. John Kelly vanishes in a graviton ellipse. It leaves two astronauts behind in the Utopia Planitia ground base.



Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the ISA spacecraft Ares V to Saturn and its moon Titan.



Combustion cars are prohibited throughout Europe in order to redirect the limited fuel supplies to military.



Colonel Alexei Poljakow command the ISA spacecraft Ares III to Jupiter and its moon Europe.


ISA launches the first three DY-class vessels into space.



The S.S. Botany Bay, first vessel of the DY-100 class, is constructed.



A Russian cruiser is being sunk by two Chinese frigates. The Chinese claim, the Russians tried to board a Chinese transport. When Russia tries to introduce a UN-resolution condemning the attack, China leaves the United Nations.


China attacks Russia, marking the first war staged by eugenic agents.



Mexico attacks the USA, turning the eugenic wars into World War III.



The Atlantic-African-Coalition is founded, causing other nation states to join in alliances in order to fight off the eugenic thread



A cease fire is negotiated aboard the carrier USS Enterprise in San Francisco.


The New United Nations is formed, excluding states of the Eastern Coalition.



The USA finally divides up into the Federal States of Northern America and the East-Coast-Alliance, leaving Alaska to form a union with Canada.



Cold fusion is discovered during weapons experiments in Russia. One scientist steals the plans for a working chamber and brings them to the Federal States of Northern America.



The first earth-vessel capable of warp speed, the Phoenix, is launched and successfully tested by Zefram Cochrane. The Phoenix’ warp signature is scanned by a Vulcan vessel that decides to establish first contact with humanity.



The UESPA is founded and reactivates the DY-Facility orbiting Earth.



S.S. Valiant enters service, vanishing into space only nine month after her launch.



The colony-ship S.S. Conestoga is launched, heading towards Terra Nova.


The Friendship-Series of warp-capable probes is launched from Earth.



S.S. Apollo is launched.



The S.S. Conestoga arrives at Terra Nova and establishes the first Human colony outside the solar system.



Contact is lost with Terra Nova



The Vulcan “Plead for Unity”



The Eastern Coalition is formally dissolved.


The United States of India and Pakistan are declared and allowed into the New United Nations.




Colonel Green is killed in an attack by a French task force. This marks the final conflict on Earth until today.



The McKinley Complex is entering service.




The Vulcans and the Denobulans establish the first alien embassies on Earth.


The Orpheus Colony is established on the Earth moon Luna.




The United Earth Constitution is declared.


First contact is made with the Draylaxians by the F.S. Santiago de Chile.


The United Earth Government and the Earth Cargo Service are formed.



The warp 2 project begins it research.


The F.S. Uranus is destroyed by an unknown force



Alpha Centauri Colony is founded



First contact with the Deltans by the F.S. America


First contact with the Demerians by the F.S. Arctic Sunrise



Terraforming on Mars begins.



The first subspace transmitter is constructed at Baykonur



Duranium is successfully mined for the first time



First contact with the Teneebians by the F.S. Iron Horse


The S.S. Concordia is launched, being the first Starfleet vessel of the DJ class



The N-class development project is established



Vega Colony is founded



The warp 5 complex is officially opened



The S.S. Mariposa, a Conestoga type colonization vessel, is launched



The S.S. Amiot, first ship of the NC class, is commissioned



Dilithium is discovered



Means of containing anti matter are discovered



The first matter-anti matter reactor is successfully tested



NX-Alpha is unsuccessfully tested, the NX-Beta reaches warp 2.5



NX-Delta reaches warp 3



The NX-01 enters construction phase



The Republic of Guangdong joins the United Earth as a full member



NX-01 Enterprise is commissioned



A pre-emptive strike by the Xindi kills 7 million humans



The Xindi crisis is resolved by the S.S. Enterprise


The S.S. Columbia NX-02 is commissioned



The Earth-Romulan war breaks out



The Romulans are defeated in the battle of Cheron


The neutral zone is established



The United Federation of Planets is founded


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